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Amtrak train in Los Angeles

Six Things to Know Before Visiting the United States

This post is sponsored by e-visa, the specialists in visa and ESTA applications There is so much to explore in the United States – whether it is cities or countryside, well known tourist attractions or lesser known places. But, as with any country, there are a few things you need

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City Tavern, Philadelphia

Restaurant Review: The City Tavern, Philadelphia

Like most frequent travellers, I eat in a lot of restaurants. I try (not always successfully) to avoid tourist establishments, but I only write about those places that catch my attention in some way. So why would I choose to write about a reconstructed historic building with staff in period

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The Willows Covered Bridge, Lancaster County

The Covered Bridges of Lancaster County

Pennsylvania is home to more than 200 covered wooden bridges, almost 30 of them in Lancaster County. They summon up a bygone era, although they are still very much in use. I set out to find out more about the bridges of Lancaster County. What are Covered Bridges? There is

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The Corning Museum of Glass

Showcasing Glass Through the Ages: The Corning Museum of Glass

The two main industries of New York State’s Finger Lakes region are agriculture and glass. The agriculture is visible everywhere, from the orchards to the vineyards. But the glass may come as a surprise to the uninitiated visitor. Yet for more than 150 years the town of Corning has been

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