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The Merry Maidens Circle in Cornwall

The Ancient Stone Circles of Cornwall

There are more than 1000 stone circles in the United Kingdom, and one of the best places to find them is in Cornwall. The county is scattered with stone circles, stone rows and other prehistoric monuments. But where can you find the stone circles of Cornwall, and what were they

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A path on the Skyline Walk

Enjoying the Views on the Bath Skyline Walk

The city of Bath has a surprising amount of open space, and several walking trails. For those who don’t mind a few hills it is easy to get into the surrounding countryside. And there is a reward for climbing the hills: the views across the city. The Bath Skyline Walk

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London Peculiars

Book Review: London Peculiars by Peter Ashley

London Peculiars is a new book by Peter Ashley. Subtitled “a guide to the city’s offbeat places”, it is a miscellany of dozens of unknown, overlooked or just plain bizarre places and objects in London. It is the sort of book I would like to have written myself… The author

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Bluebell Vineyard

Book Review: Sparkling Wine (Vineyards of England and Wales)

It would be hard to ignore the revolution that has taken place in British winemaking in recent years. Although the Romans planted vineyards in England, winemaking later became a minority interest, mostly confined to monasteries or aristocratic estates. But now there are more than 600 vineyards in England and Wales,

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Everest England

Book Review: Everest England by Peter Owen Jones

Many people dream of climbing Mount Everest; few are able to achieve it. In Everest England Peter Owen Jones proposes an alternative. Twelve days of walks up English hills, which collectively total a climb of 29,000 feet, the equivalent of Mount Everest. The walks begin in Cornwall, and end at

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