The Ghosts of Dunluce Castle

Standing alone on the edge of a tall rock, steep drops down to the sea on every side, and only connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge, Dunluce Castle has always been shrouded in mystery. Used as a fort ever since the Vikings sailed to the north coast of Ireland,...

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A Wobbly Bridge to Carrick-a-Rede

The rain and the mist had cleared, and we had a perfect view of the tiny volcanic island. The only thing that stood between us and Carrick-a-Rede was the rope bridge. A wobby construction of planks and wires, 60 foot across, and 100 foot above the sea below. In fact,...

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Searching for the Breamore Mizmaze

In my quest to visit all the remaining English turf mazes, I set out on a cold and drizzly afternoon to the tiny village of Breamore (a few miles from Salisbury) to find the Mizmaze on Breamore Down. Although the maze was clearly marked on my map, it was not easy to...

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Geocaching in Devon

Yesterday I had my first go at geocaching. For anyone who is not familiar with it, geocaching is a sort of high tech treasure hunt, using GPS to follow clues and find hidden "caches". In fact, it is appropriate that we were doing it in Devon, as in many ways...

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On the trail of the Brontes at Haworth

Despite having lived in Yorkshire for 30 years, I'd never been to Haworth before. With the prospect of a sunny weekend ahead we decided to go and take a look at the Parsonage and possibly to get some walking in as well. What we didn't realise until we got there was...

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Letterboxing on Dartmoor

Letterboxing – the art of hiding boxes for others to find – has long been a popular pastime on Dartmoor. The craggy landscape of the national park provides an abundance of hiding places and the activity can be equally enjoyed by serious enthusiasts and families...

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The Riddle of English Turf Mazes

Hidden away, often far from cities or public transport, turf mazes are a puzzle of the English countryside. Many known to have existed across northern Europe, including at least 60 in England. However only eleven now remain: eight in England and three in Germany. The...

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