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Portmeirion, Wales

Exploring the Architectural Folly of Portmeirion

Mention the Welsh village of Portmeirion to any Briton of a certain age, and chances are they’ll immediately say, “The Prisoner”, referring to the cult television show of the 1960s that was filmed there. Or they’ll say that they’ve got a piece of Portmeirion pottery at home. The programme and

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St Winefride's Well, Holywell

St Winefride’s Well: The Lourdes of Wales

Everyone has heard of Lourdes, the French town that pilgrims have been flocking to since 1858 in the hope of miraculous cures. Yet St Winefride’s Well, in the north Wales town of Holywell, is much lesser known. Even though it has been a place of pilgrimage and healing for more

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Hardingstone Cross

The Story of the Eleanor Crosses

If you’ve been to London you may have noticed the elaborate monument in the forecourt of Charing Cross Station. But did you know that there were once twelve “Eleanor Crosses” between London and Lincoln? And did you know the story behind them? The Death of Queen Eleanor The story begins when Eleanor

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Troy Town, Somerton

Troy Town, the Somerton Turf Maze

If you’ve been following my explorations of ancient English turf mazes, you’ll know that I had just one left to visit: Troy Town, at Somerton, Oxfordshire. Uniquely among the surviving English labyrinths, the Somerton turf maze is privately owned, in the garden of the Troy Farm Bed and Breakfast. So

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Dalby Turf Maze

City of Troy: The Dalby Turf Maze

The Dalby Turf Maze, in a remote part of North Yorkshire, may be one of the oldest turf mazes in England. Or it could be a relative newcomer, dating back only to the 19th century. Like all of England’s remaining turf mazes, its history and origins are mysterious and obscure.

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Julian's Bower, Alkborough

Julian’s Bower, Alkborough: an Ancient English Turf Maze

Most of England’s ancient turf mazes have a rural location, set into a village green, or in the open countryside. But Julian’s Bower, in Alkborough, North Lincolnshire, must have the most enviable setting. Perched on a high hill, it overlooks the confluence of three rivers, the Trent, the Ouse and

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