The UNESCO World Heritage Of Litomyšl, East Bohemia

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Litomyšl, in East Bohemia, is a Czech town that deserves to be much better known. A UNESCO World Heritage castle and a charming town centre with lots of notable buildings are part of the attraction. As is the annual opera festival in honour of the composer Bedřich Smetana, who was born here in 1824.

Litomyšl Castle, A World Heritage Site

Litomyšl Castle was built in 1568. The owner was influenced by Italian design, and had the castle built in the Renaissance fashion, with an open courtyard surrounded by arcades. This style is almost unique in northern Europe, and it is the main reason why Litomyšl became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Litomyšl Castle
Pinnable image of the arcades of Litomyšl Castle

The exterior of the castle is quite spectacular. It is painted with around 8,000 small “envelopes” or sgraffito decorations, all different from one another. There are also pictures from the Bible and from classical mythology.

Litomysl Castle, East Bohemia
The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Litomyšl Castle. Each of the “envelopes” painted on the outside is a different design

The interior dates from the 18th century and is in the classical style. As we walked around I noted the attention that had been paid to detail in arranging the exhibits. A table was laid with an 18th century meal; another was set for afternoon tea. A shawl was draped over a couch and there were fresh flowers everywhere, as if the owners were due to return at any time. Apparently the exhibits change regularly: at the time of my visit there were several period costumes on loan to the castle.

Litomyšl Castle paintings
Paintings on the exterior of Litomyšl Castle

(Visits to the castle are by guided tour. They are conducted in Czech but an English transcript is provided. Groups of 15 or more can book an English language tour.)

Dining room of Litomyšl Castle
The dining table is laid for an 18th century meal

Castle Cellars And Gardens

Don’t miss the Castle Cellars, where the Chateau Litomyšl wine is stored. The Cellars are also home to a collection of sculptures by the artist Olbram Zoubek. Strolling among the sculptures in their atmospheric setting is a slightly spooky experience!

Sculptures in Litomyšl Castle
The sculptures in the cellar of Litomyšl Castle seem rather ghostly!

When you leave the buildings you come to the Castle Gardens. This is a pleasant area of parkland with trees and streams. Part of the garden is designed as an outdoor concert area and performances take place during the year.

Litomyšl Castle Apartments And Smetana’s Birthplace

The former castle brewery has now been turned into tourist accommodation, with individual rooms or more spacious apartments. Many of these rooms have splendid views overlooking the castle.

Litomyšl Castle Brewery
The old Brewery now houses tourist accommodation and the Smetana Museum

On the ground floor of the Brewery is the birthplace of Bedřich Smetana, whose father was the castle’s brewer. This is now a small museum dedicated to the composer, furnished in the style of a typical family home of the early 19th century. Since 1949 an annual opera festival – the Smetana Litomyšl – has taken place in the town.

The Town Of Litomyšl

The architecture of Litomyšl is typical of an East Bohemian town. The centre is dominated by Smetana Square, which is surrounded by arcades and baroque and classical buildings. A short distance away is Josef Váchal Street, covered with wall paintings by local art students.

Josef Váchal Street, Litomyšl
Street art in Josef Váchal Street

One of the most notable buildings in Litomyšl is the Church of Discovery of the Holy Cross. Built in the 18th century, the church fell into disuse in the Soviet era, when it was used as a warehouse. Vehicles were driven inside the building and, not surprisingly, it started to crumble and deteriorate. However it was restored and reopened as a church in 2014. New artworks were installed, and today it is a dazzling mixture of old and new.

Church of Discovery of the Holy Cross, Litomyšl
Inside the Church of Discovery of the Holy Cross

Then there are the museums and the modern architecture… I didn’t have time to see everything that Litomyšl has to offer. I need to go back and explore more fully.

How To Visit Litomyšl

  • Litomyšl is around 50 km from Pardubice. There are direct trains from Prague and trains are also possible from Pardubice (with a change at Choceň).
  • The nearest airport is at Pardubice.
  • Litomyšl is a small city, and it is easy to get around on foot.
  • For accommodation in Litomyšl have a look at the recommendations on

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6 thoughts on “The UNESCO World Heritage Of Litomyšl, East Bohemia”

  1. What a beautifully historic site. Thanks for sharing this closer look at the Unesco World Heritage of Litomysl in East Bohemia. We were unfamiliar with this place, but you paint a wonderful picture of your experience.

  2. I will go out of my way to visit a UNESCO site. Now I hope one day to get to Litomyšl Castle in East Bohemia. I’d especially like to be there for a “living history” afternoon tea–I wonder if they ever do that.

  3. The UNESCO site of Litomysl looks awesome. I’m sure l would enjoy a visit there and l can see why you would love to revisit this East Bohemia quaint place. I would love the castle l think.

    1. Hi William, thanks for stopping by. I agree – however much we know about the past, we can’t quite appreciate how cold, drafty and uncomfortable castles must have been…

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