About the UAE

My travels in the UAE.

Kayakking through the mangroves

Kayakking Through the Mangroves in Abu Dhabi

A few minutes earlier we were in Abu Dhabi, a noisy, bustling metropolis of high rise concrete, fast cars and muezzins. But here among the mangroves it was calm and peaceful, and there was no sound apart from the gentle swish of paddles. Learning to Paddle Five minutes after setting

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Friday brunch, Abu Dhabi

Eating Out in Abu Dhabi

There is lots to choose from when eating out in Abu Dhabi. From fast food to smart hotel restaurants; from authentic Arabic cuisine to western style chains. Whatever your taste, you will find something to suit you. Arabic Food in Abu Dhabi  As you would expect, there are many restaurants

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Blue Souk, Sharjah

Visiting Sharjah, Dubai’s Lesser Known Neighbour

It is stylish and modern, a former UNESCO designated Capital of Arabic Culture, and only a stone’s throw from Dubai. So why did it feel as if we were the only tourists visiting Sharjah? Most people will tell you the reason is very simple: Sharjah is dry. Not in the

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Camels at the Al Ain Livestock Market

Visiting the Al Ain Camel Market

The first time I tried to visit the Al Ain Camel Market I couldn’t explain to the taxi driver where we wanted to go. He heard the word “market” and interpreted it as “mall”. “What do you want to buy?” he asked. On that occasion, we gave up and went

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