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No visit to Sicily would be complete without taking the cable car up to the hill town of Taormina. It may be true that the town is buzzing with tourists, but there is good reason for this: a dazzling mixture of spectacular views, historic buildings, cannoli and ice cream.
Taormina amphitheatre

The Teatro Greco is right at the top of the town

Greeks and Romans in Taormina

Like many towns in Sicily, Taormina was settled by the Greeks before the Romans arrived, and was briefly occupied by the Byzantines, Arabs, French and Spanish. It later became a favoured haunt of artists and intellectuals, including D H Lawrence who lived there for a while, and more recently it has been colonised by tourists. All of these visitors have left their mark upon the place.

But the first thing you notice is the views. From your vantage point on top of the hill you can see exactly why so many people have been attracted to the town. In one direction there is the coast, with its shimmering blue sea; on the other the vista stretches across the island to the snow capped peak of Mount Etna.

View of Etna from Taormina, Sicily

The peak of Mount Etna is clearly visible from Taormina


Taormina’s Teatro Greco

Taormina is full of historic buildings, including several churches and the palazzi of the Piazza del Duomo.
Church of San Giuseppe, Taormina, Sicily

The church of San Giuseppe

But, for many visitors, the main attraction is the Teatro Greco, a massive open air theatre of Roman design (probably built on the site of an earlier Greek theatre). It stands on the highest point of the town, and the location was obviously chosen for its commanding views of the surrounding countryside. The theatre is still used today for film festivals and other performances.
Amphitheatre, Taormina, Sicily

Open air seating at the Teatro Greco

When you have had enough of sightseeing, take a walk down the Corso Umberto I, the main street of Taormina. Ideal for people watching, it is full of smart shops, restaurants and cafés. Spend some time browsing the shops for the ceramics that Sicily is famous for, or just sit in a café and end your visit with an ice cream or some cannoli (Sicilian pastry tubes filled with cream).
Taormina, Sicily

Watching the world go by from outside a cafe


Sicilian ice cream

Don’t forget to try the ice cream!

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