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Discovering the Early Byzantine Churches of Athens

I’ve always associated Athens with Greek history. Classical Greek history, that is, the sort that took place more than two thousand years ago. But as we stood in Monastiraki Square, Vassilios pointed out the layers of history around us. Ancient Athens was there, in the ruins of the Acropolis towering

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Appian Way, Rome

A Walk Along Rome’s Appian Way

We had had enough of the crowds at the Forum and the Colosseum so it was time to find somewhere quieter. And the Appian Way was the ideal place: a shady cobbled avenue lined with the remains of Roman buildings. All Roads Lead to Rome Back in the 4th century

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Temple of Concordia, Sicily

Valley of the Temples: Sicily’s Greek Heritage

Nestling among the wilds of the Sicilian landscape, the Valley of the Temples comes as a surprise. Sicily is unmistakeably Italian: we had explored hilltowns and Roman remains, and spent long evenings with Italian food and wine. But here we were, in a pocket of ancient Greece, surrounded by Doric

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Mosaic in Ravenna

Byzantine Mosaics of Ravenna

The Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna, in northern Italy, are a major tourist attraction. Spread across eight buildings from the early Christian period, these magnificent artworks are now part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Early Christianity in Ravenna Ravenna played a crucial part in western civilisation during the 5th and

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Ponte di Tiberio, Rimini

Rimini: a Holiday Resort with a Lot of History

“Are you here for the beach?” the hotel proprietor asked as he showed us to our room; he looked surprised when we said, no, we were actually there for sightseeing. But his question was not unreasonable. Rimini is the beach capital of Europe and we had already observed mile upon

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St Mura's Monastery

The Ancient Sites of Inishowen

Even the name is enough to conjure up a sense of ancient legends and history half-forgotten in the mists of time. Inishowen – the peninsula at the northern end of County Donegal in Ireland – is home to some of the earliest religious remains in the British Isles as well

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