About Switzerland

My travels in Switzerland.

Holzbrucke, Rapperswil

Nature and Pilgrimage on the Wooden Bridge of Rapperswil

There are many reasons to visit Rapperswil, a picturesque lakeside town just a short train ride from Zurich. There’s the medieval town, with its castle, deer park and rose gardens (Rapperswil is known as the City of Roses). Then there are restaurants, lakeside walks and boat trips. But for me

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Guild insignia in Zurich

Discovering the Ancient Guilds of Zurich

The streets of Zurich are full of flags. Not just Swiss flags, with their distinctive white crosses and red backgrounds. But there are others with apparently random designs: a camel, some scissors, or a pair of scales. These images appear in other places too, on the sides of buildings, or on signs outside

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Fresco in the Fraumunster Cloister

The Zurich Fraumünster and the Deer With the Lighted Horns

The Fraumünster is one of the “must see” sights in the old town of Zurich. It boasts some spectacular modern stained glass, including five windows by Marc Chagall and a rose window by Augusto Giacometti. However for me the highlight was the separate cloister with its frescoes illustrating the foundation

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Scale model of Jupiter

Exploring the Solar System on Zurich’s Uetliberg

There’s no better place to spend a hot day than the shady woodland on Zurich’s Uetliberg, the “home mountain” that towers above the western shore of the Zurichsee. You can enjoy a peaceful hike with panoramic views, and stop at a restaurant or picnic site along the way. And, while

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