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Experience Spain from Lonely Planet

Book Review: Experience Spain from Lonely Planet

Last year I posted a review of Experience Italy, a Lonely Planet guide that explored the country and its culture in depth. Now the second book in the series – Experience Spain – has been published. Again, this is much more than a conventional guidebook; it is a feast for

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Books to read before you visit Spain

Books to Read Before You Visit Spain

I always find I get more out of my travels if I read about a place before I visit and, when it comes to Spain, there is no shortage of books to choose from. Here is my personal selection of books to read before you visit Spain. And, if you’re

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Orange trees at the Alcazar, Córdoba

Walking Beside the Orange Trees at the Alcazar of Córdoba

The gardens at the Alcazar of Córdoba may be smaller than those of rival palaces in Seville and Granada, but they are still impressive. Even in the rain. We had walked through Córdoba’s UNESCO listed historic centre, from the magnificent La Mezquita to the little winding streets where Spanish culture

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La Mezquita, Cordoba

La Mezquita, Córdoba: the Mosque that Became a Cathedral

The cavernous space of La Mezquita in Córdoba makes me think of Russian dolls. Standing right in the middle of the 8th century mosque is a perfectly formed Renaissance cathedral. What is more, the mosque grew out of an earlier Visigoth church, which was itself built on the remains of

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Camino de Santiago

Going Solo: A Woman’s Journey on the Camino de Santiago

This is a guest post from Rebecca Brown of Rough Draft. Here she talks about her experiences hiking the Camino de Santiago (something I really want to do myself). Although her article focuses on solo female hiking, there are plenty of tips here for anyone who wants to experience this

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Forum, Baelo Claudia, Spain

Baelo Claudia and Carteia: Two Roman Towns in Andalucia, Spain

It was surprisingly easy to walk across the border from Gibraltar to Spain and pick up a hire car. We were now in Andalucia, an area variously colonised by the Phoenecians, the Romans and the Moors. And our destination was two ancient Roman towns: Baelo Claudia and Carteia. The Roman

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