I started trying to write an article about the historic sites of Qatar, but gave up because I found myself writing “it is closed for redevelopment”, or “you used to be able to go there, but you can’t any more”. When we went on our trip to the north of the country our guide kept saying things like, “it is the biggest airport in the world, but not finished yet”; “it is the biggest football stadium in the world, but still being built”, and so on… And we were disappointed to find that the award winning heritage museum in Doha was now a building site, presumably due to emerge from the rubble bigger and better than before.

At present most of the visitors to Qatar are business trippers, expat workers, or visiting friends and relatives. It is said that it is also favoured by American service personnel taking short breaks from Afghanistan Рdesert sports including dune bashing are popular. However attempts are being made to boost tourism by building hotel complexes along the coast. Presumably the country will look very different Рless like work in progress Рwhen it hosts the World Cup in 2022.

We enjoyed Doha though. The souq managed to combine traditional shopping with a cosmopolitan feeling restaurant area.

Doha Souq
Doha Souq

We had some great Arabic food, including Moroccan at Tajine in the Souq.

Moroccan food at Tajine, Doha Souq

And we had an unscheduled stop at a camel farm in the north of the country.

Camels in Qatar
Camel farm, Qatar

The Museum of Islamic Art was excellent, and you can read about it here – Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha.

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