Visiting Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art

One of the main attractions in Doha is the Museum of Islamic Art, opened in 2008. Built on an artificial island at the entrance to the harbour, it is connected to the Corniche by a palm-lined causeway, and surrounded by a park. The Museum contains one of the world’s...

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Qatar prepares for tourism

I started trying to write an article about the historic sites of Qatar, but gave up because I found myself writing "it is closed for redevelopment", or "you used to be able to go there, but you can't any more". When we went on our trip to the north of the country our...

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Eating out in Doha

It is possible to eat very well in Doha, whether you want Arabic or international food. The large number of expat workers in the city means that a cosmopolitan cuisine is available, and there is a wide choice of outlets, from hotels and restaurants, to cafés and...

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