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My travels in Poland.

Tarnow town square

Exploring Tarnów, a Day Trip from Kraków

To visit a new country and only see one town would be a bit like going to a banquet and only tasting one dish. So, although I only had a few days in Kraków, I was keen to take a day trip, to travel through the countryside and explore a

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St Florian's Gate, Kraków

In Search of the Kraków Defence Walls

Why do I enjoy walled towns so much? Perhaps because they tend to be old and mired in history. Or because walking around town walls gives me the opportunity to imagine what the town was like in the past, at a time when walls were a vital defence rather than

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Statues in the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Why I Visited the Wieliczka Salt Mine (and Should You Bother?)

You’ll know by now that I’m not a great fan of major tourist attractions. So why did I want to visit the underground cathedral in Poland’s Wieliczka Salt Mine (estimated annual visitors in excess of 1.5 million)? And would I recommend my readers to go there? (Read on to the end of

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