What are Your Seven Wonders of the World?

This post is sponsored by Exodus Travels. What are your seven wonders of the world? Exodus, the adventure travel specialists, have been asking this question, and they've got me thinking about my own seven wonders – those places with the “wow” factor, the ones that...

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Ilulissat, the Iceberg Capital of the World

We were out at sea, surrounded by icebergs of all shapes and sizes. It was almost midnight, and the sun was hovering in the sky, casting an otherworldly light on the ice. I had never seen anything like it. This was Ilulissat, the iceberg capital of the world, on the...

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The Covered Bridges of Lancaster County

Pennsylvania is home to more than 200 covered wooden bridges, almost 30 of them in Lancaster County. They summon up a bygone era, although they are still very much in use. I set out to find out more about the bridges of Lancaster County. What are Covered Bridges?...

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