Despite having lived in Yorkshire for 30 years, I’d never been to Haworth before. With the prospect of a sunny weekend ahead we decided to go and take a look at the Parsonage and possibly to get some walking in as well. What we didn’t realise until we got there was that it was a 1940s gala weekend and that the place would be so packed out that we had to drive to the next village before we could find anywhere to park the car (I’m not exaggerating!). Another time I’ll remember to check the Internet for events before booking a last minute trip.

Anyway, after a drink in nearby Oxenhope the crowds had thinned out sufficiently for us to return and, as everyone was there for the 1940s and not for the Brontes, we had the Parsonage more or less to ourselves. Then an excellent meal and night’s accommodation at The Old Registry (which I would recommend to anyone wanting to stay in Haworth).

The next day we took a long moorland walk to Top Withens, supposedly the inspiration for Wuthering Heights. Very peaceful – no sounds but sheep and birds – and probably quite unlike the industrial landscape the Brontes would have known.

Haworth, Yorkshire

The crowds have gone home, but the bunting remains for another day


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