There’s something about train journeys. On a train you are travelling, not just going from A to B; you get a sense of the place you’re passing through and the distance you’ve travelled in a way you don’t experience on a plane. So I was very excited when I discovered that my blogger trip to Swedish Lapland, in the far north of Sweden, was going to travel by the night train to Luleå.

View from the train

View from the train – typical Swedish countryside

Night Train to Luleå

TheltrainlleftlStockholm a little before 11 o’clock in the evening. Our group of bloggers was accommodated in 3-berth sleepers (small but perfectly adequate), but there seemed to be a whole range of other options, from seats to deluxe cabins. We found our cabins and sorted out our bunks. Then, in the customary fashion of travel bloggers, we headed for the bar.

3 berth carriage

Inside a 3-berth carriage


An airline style map on the wall of the bar showed our route and current location. A 900km journey of 13 hours, travelling almost due north. Although both Stockholm and Luleå are on the coast, the route is mostly inland. A bit of history here: the line from Stockholm to Boden was opened in 1894 but for defensive reasons it bypassed most of the coastal towns (connecting lines were built later). At Boden the line met the Iron Ore Line, built in the 19th century to carry freight to Luleå.

Route map

A map shows the route of the train

Into Swedish Lapland

I was surprised how well I slept. So well that I missed the fabulous sunrise that some of my more insomniac companions reported seeing. I got up early and took advantage of the quiet to walk up and down the train. The light was bright but cold, casting a mist over the landscape. We passed through forests and meadows, with the occasional lake or river. Every so often the view was broken up by a small town or by one of the red and white farmhouses that are so typical of the Swedish countryside. I spotted some wildlife: a moose with her young, a fox, and a pair of storks flexing their wings.

View from the train

An early morning view from the train

Later I sat in the buffet car and ate my breakfast, observing the other passengers. There were families with young children, and others heading north with their hiking gear. Once again I reflected on the benefits of travelling by train – I’d seen a lot of landscape, a little bit of wildlife and a few towns. And I had a much better understanding of what a big country this was, and of the remoteness of some of its major towns.

Inside the train

Watching the scenery go past…

Many thanks to Visit Luleå and SJ railways for providing such a memorable trip. More from Swedish Lapland next week…

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