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Bridal Veil Falls, Waikato

Exploring the Magic of the Bridal Veil Falls, New Zealand

One of the many attractions of New Zealand is its scenery and natural wonders, including more than 1500 waterfalls. Some of these waterfalls are transient, only appearing after heavy rain. Not so the Bridal Veil Falls (also known as the Waireinga Falls), in the Waikato region of the North Island.

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Gold panning in Arrowtown

Exploring the Gold Rush Era in Arrowtown, New Zealand

Many people visit Arrowtown for the walking and cycle trails. The town is surrounded by unspoilt countryside, and it is a lot less crowded than nearby Queenstown. But I was here for the history. I wanted to walk the streets and imagine that I was back in the gold rush

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Cuba Street, Wellington

Street Art and More – An Art Lover’s Guide to Wellington

Wellington is a perfect destination for art lovers. The streets are full of sculptures and installations. There is Art Deco architecture, and graffiti as you’ve never seen it before. There are murals in public buildings and, of course, there are the galleries and museums. Sculptures and Installations in Wellington There‘are

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Old Bank Arcade, Wellington

History, Architecture… and Shopping: The Old Bank Arcade, Wellington

Banks were once grand city buildings, their splendid halls and ornate architecture attesting to their wealth. But today much banking is done online and these buildings are more likely to house bars or restaurants. Or occasionally shopping centres. Like Wellington’s Old Bank Arcade, a smart mall with an interesting history

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Art Deco shops, Napier

The Art Deco Buildings of Napier, New Zealand

Every town in New Zealand seems to have its share of pastel-coloured early 20th century buildings. But the Art Deco buildings of Napier, on the North Island, are particularly noteworthy. Not just a few scattered buildings, but a whole town of Art Deco architecture. After the Earthquake: Rebuilding Napier The

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Artist's Palette, Waiotapu

Hot Springs and Rainbow Rocks at the Waiotapu Thermal Park

One of the consequences of New Zealand’s geothermal activity is an abundance of hot springs. Some of these are now spas, visited for their therapeutic and health giving properties. Others, like Whakarewarewa, are centuries’ old Maori settlements. But Waiotapu, 27 km south of Rotarua on the North Island, focuses on the

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