Wildlife of the Kaikoura Peninsula, Part 2

Much of the wildlife of the Kaikoura Peninsula lives in the water. This means you have to go offshore to see it, so we booked ourselves onto a whalewatching tour. We equipped ourselves with some “all natural” sea-sickness pills (surprisingly effective) and braced...

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Wildlife of the Kaikoura Peninsula Part 1

Kaikoura has long been known for the abundance of its wildlife. In early times this meant an profusion of food (the name derives from the Maori words for “food” and “crayfish”), leading to an early Maori settlement on the peninsula. Centuries of capturing animals and...

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The Mystery of the Moeraki Boulders

We stumbled upon the Moeraki Boulders by accident. I hadn’t even heard of them when I saw the sign by the road, but we had been driving for some time and were ready for a break, so we stopped to have a look. I was unprepared for what we found: a group of boulders...

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The Pancake Rocks and Blowholes of Punakaiki

One of the amazing things about New Zealand is the ever changing landscape and the sheer variety of natural phenomena. I first realised this as we crossed the South Island, passing through the Canterbury Plain and across the snow-topped Southern Alps, then descending...

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