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Rapensburg, Leiden

Leiden, An Alternative to Amsterdam?

One of my aims on my recent visit to the Netherlands was to find a city that could offer an alternative tourist destination to Amsterdam. Why? Because, although Amsterdam is undeniably beautiful, and interesting, it is also packed with visitors. The figures are hard to estimate, but at least 17m

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Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Kinderdijk and its Windmills: A Day Trip from Rotterdam

You can’t go to the Netherlands without seeing windmills. Or canals. Kinderdijk, an easy day trip from Rotterdam, is a classic Dutch landscape of water and windmills. It is also a place to learn about the long struggle between the people, their land, and the sea. Kinderdijk, a World Heritage

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Market Hall, Rotterdam

How to Enjoy the Art and Architecture of Rotterdam

With several world class museums, Rotterdam is an obvious destination for art lovers. But there is also plenty to see for free. The city is full of street art, sculpture and cutting edge architecture. At times it feels as if the whole place is an open air museum.  Rotterdam Street

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Sculpture trail, Rotterdam

Five Reasons to Visit Rotterdam

As I came out of the ferry terminal at Rotterdam Europoort there were several coaches waiting to whisk people off to Amsterdam. And just one minibus going to the centre of Rotterdam. Yet the second city of The Netherlands is a vibrant city with a lively arts and social scene.

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