Have you ever wished you’d travelled at a different time of year because your holiday was ruined by crowds, mosquitos or endless rain? Or wondered what to do with your two weeks off in June? Or are you just seeking inspiration for your next trip? If so, then Where to Go When, the new book from Lonely Planet, could be just what you need.

Lonely Planet Where to Go When
Where to Go When – the ultimate trip planner from Lonely Planet

The Ultimate Trip Planner

Where to Go When is described as “the ultimate trip planner”. This beautifully illustrated book has a flow chart for each month of the year to help you make your holiday choices. Do you want beach or culture, relaxation or adventure? Are you looking for special events or the best time to spot wildlife? And are you going for three weeks or just a weekend? Each month has thirty different suggestions, each fully described with practical information and pictures guaranteed to get your feet itching.

Lonely Planet Where to Go When
Each month has a flow chart to help you decide

All types of traveller are catered for. You might want to relax on a beach and do a bit of shopping. Or you might prefer hiking in the Alps or snorkelling in Thailand. And if you’re a foodie, you’ll need to know when the truffle season starts or where to get the ultimate Christmas dinner (or cocktails). Of course, you might like to challenge yourself with something completely new, like language classes or wine tasting.

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How to Use Where to Go When

There are several ways to use this book. If you know that you will be travelling at a particular time you can use the flow charts as a guide, or just leaf through the suggestions for the month. Or if you want to go to a specific destination this book will help you to decide when to go: apart from the “best” month, each entry gives a brief summary of what you can expect at other times of the year. (I found this helpful when I was planning to go to Fiji in February but discovered that this was cyclone season!)

You could also use it in a “negative” way. If you’re looking for a peaceful holiday you don’t want to go when there’s a festival in full swing. And the best time for lying on a beach may not be ideal for city sightseeing.

A Source of Inspiration

But for many readers, this book will be about inspiration. Had you ever thought about visiting Uzbekistan? Or did you know that you can watch centuries old sports in Mongolia? All the familiar places are here, but so are several destinations and activities you might not have considered.

Lonely Planet Where to Go When
Making the most of the winter months in Arctic Sweden

Where to Go When is available in hard copy (perfect for browsing) or as an ebook (easy to consult when you’re on the move). I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys travelling, or as a gift for the traveller in your life.

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