A Visit to Monte Sant’Angelo

High on a hill in Puglia’s Gargano National Park, 800m above sea level, the Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo has been a pilgrimage site for centuries. Today it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a recognition of its artistic and historic importance. In a way, it is...

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Exploring the Hill Towns of the Gargano Peninsula

Drive around the Gargano Peninsula and you will see towns and villages of white-walled buildings perched on the hilltops. Many of these towns look as if time has passed them by, providing a glimpse of a way of life that seems to have disappeared from other parts of...

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Things to do on Puglia’s Gargano Peninsula

There is far more to Italy than the tourist hotspots, and Puglia's Gargano Peninsula is comparatively neglected by overseas visitors. But, as I discovered, this is a beautiful region with plenty to see and do… Walking and Cycling As long as you don’t mind hills, this...

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A Blogger’s Trip to the Gargano Peninsula

I have just returned from an enjoyable week at the “Blogger House” on Puglia’s Gargano Peninsula. This was part of a novel programme by the Pizzicato Eco B&B in Vico del Gargano to provide accommodation to bloggers who want to write about the area, and I was lucky...

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Valley of the Temples: Sicily’s Greek Heritage

Nestling among the wilds of the Sicilian landscape, the Valley of the Temples comes as a surprise. Sicily is unmistakeably Italian: we had explored hilltowns and Roman remains, and spent long evenings with Italian food and wine. But here we were, in a pocket of...

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By Train to the Cinque Terre

It was the ultimate antidote to my growing dislike of hanging around at airports and negotiating with car hire firms: a holiday by train from start to finish. We travelled to the Cinque Terre by a combination of Eurostar, overnight sleeper to Milan and local train to...

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Walking on the Roof of the Cathedral of Milan

Never mind that it is a very fine Gothic cathedral, the fifth largest cathedral in the world. What makes the Cathedral of Milan really special is that you can walk on its roof. And not just a short walk, either: you can walk all around the roof, admiring the 3000 plus...

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