Exploring Palladio’s Vicenza: A World Heritage Site

Even among Italian cities, Vicenza is special. Not just a handful of spectacular buildings, but a whole town of them, many of them designed by one man: Andrea Palladio. As we walked down the main street – called, naturally, Corso Palladio – past palaces designed by...

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The Portici of Monte Berico, Vicenza

I came across the portici of Monte Berico by chance. I've never seen them mentioned in any guidebook and there were no other tourists (or anyone else, for that matter) about. But this 700m covered arcade is a spectacular walk to the top of Monte Berico, just outside...

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Walking Around the Walls of the Vatican City

It’s a familiar dilemma: you want to see some of the world’s most famous artworks but so do hundreds of other people. Do you join the jostling crowds inside, or do you walk away and do something different? We chose the latter when faced with the endless queues for the...

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A Walk Along Rome’s Appian Way

We had had enough of the crowds at the Forum and the Colosseum so it was time to find somewhere quieter. And the Appian Way was the ideal place: a shady cobbled avenue lined with the remains of Roman buildings. All Roads Lead to Rome Back in the 4th century BC it was...

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The Dramatic Scenery of the Alcantara Gorge

One of the many astounding sights on Sicily is the Alcantara Gorge, a massive tree-lined chasm falling 65 metres to the river below, with water tumbling down the cliff side. It is popular with tourists in search of walking, nature or geological interest as well as...

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The Hill Town of Taormina, Sicily

No visit to Sicily would be complete without taking the cable car up to the hill town of Taormina. It may be true that the town is buzzing with tourists, but there is good reason for this: a dazzling mixture of spectacular views, historic buildings, cannoli and ice...

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Food of the Gargano Peninsula

As any traveller knows, you can always eat well in Italy. The Gargano Peninsula is no exception, and it has an added advantage: the fields, hills and coastline of Gargano, and the surrounding Puglian countryside, are responsible for the production of much of Italy’s...

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Wildlife of the Gargano Peninsula

One of the many pleasures of visiting the Gargano Peninsula is the sheer abundance of its wildlife. The unspoilt countryside and variety of habitats make this the ideal environment for all manner of birds and animals. Even in the towns you will find an unusual number...

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Enjoying Nature in the Gargano National Park

It was the ideal place for a walk. Cool and shady, the path stretching invitingly into the distance. And birds calling to us from every tree.   The Umbra Forest The Gargano National Park covers the whole of the Gargano Peninsula, including the coastal wetlands,...

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The Grotto Church of San Michele at Cagnano Varano

We came across it by chance. Driving alongside Lake Varano, a few kilometres from the town of Cagnano, we spotted an inconspicuous road sign pointing to the Grotta di San Michele. We hadn’t heard of it, and didn’t expect to find anything more than one of the many...

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