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Lloret de Mar article apps

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Blog article apps are a new concept in travel apps for mobile phones. They’re the latest offering from GPSmyCity, and I’m pleased to announce that some of my posts have been turned into apps. You can download these apps for free, or pay for an upgrade.

What Are GPSmyCity Article Apps?

GPSmyCity produces city walk apps for almost 500 cities across the world. The walks may be general (like “San Francisco’s Highlights”), or thematic (such as the “Murray Hill Architecture Walk” in New York). They use GPS tracking on your phone to chart your progress around the route and to make sure you don’t get lost. Many of the city apps now have links to articles covering different aspects of the area, including places of interest, restaurants and shops.

Girona article app
Articles include individual places of interest

Each article is an individual app which you can download for free. This allows you to access the article offline, meaning that you can read it on the aeroplane, or while following a walk, even if you don’t have internet access. There is also the option to upgrade for a small fee. This assists with your travel planning by providing an offline map showing the points of interest. And it links the app to GPS, so that when you are actually in the city you can get a route to the places mentioned in the article.

Girona article app
With an updated article app you can access online maps for travel planning

There are two ways to access article apps on your mobile device. You can either click on the link at the end of a blog post that has been turned into an app (if you haven’t already downloaded the free GPSmyCity app you will be prompted to do so). Or, once you have the GPSmyCity app, you can browse by city to see what articles are available. You can then download the article for free or upgrade for offline use and GPS tracking.

Lots of my own posts are now GPSmyCity apps, including the following:


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