Eating Out In Doha, Qatar

Qatari vegetable tagine

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Qatar is a growing tourist destination, and it is possible to eat very well in Doha, the capital city, whether you want Arabic or international food. The large number of expat workers in the city means that a cosmopolitan cuisine is available, and there is a wide choice of outlets, from hotels and restaurants, to cafés and shopping malls. Here are some suggestions for eating out in Doha.

Qatari Food In Doha

Most Arabic food is a variation on Lebanese cuisine, based on lamb, chicken and fish, and also including chickpeas, lentils and olive oil. Pork is never included in Qatari menus, whatever the cuisine.

baba ghanoush
A typical dish of moutabbal. Image via Flickr, copyright Edward Terry

Typical starters are hummusmoutabbal (a dip made from aubergine, tahini and lemon, also known as baba ghanoush ) or sambousek (triangular pastries filled with meat or cheese). Soups of lentils or vegetables are also common. Whatever you choose, it is likely to be accompanied by olives and fresh Arabic bread.

Main courses might be shawarma (lamb or chicken sliced from a spit) or shish kebab (meat marinated in spices and grilled on a skewer). Kabsa is a typical Qatari dish featuring grilled meat or fish with a mound of spiced rice. Look out for locally caught fish such as red snapper and hammour.

Desserts are often very sweet and may include milk, nuts and honey. A common local confection is Umm Ali, which combines milk and pastry with nuts, sultanas and coconut. Meals may be accompanied by fruit juices, Arabic coffee (flavoured with cardamom) or tea (with cardamom or mint).

Eating In The Souq Waqif

There are a number of restaurants serving Arabic food around the Souq Waqif. The Souq is a maze of tiny alleyways selling all manner of goods, but it is surrounded by a bustling restaurant area. Al Tawash is a large restaurant specialising in Qatari cuisine. You can sit on the outside terraces, or inside in a private room with traditional Arabic cushions rather than tables and chairs.

The neighbouring Tajine restaurant serves Moroccan dishes, including couscous and tagines, and it is possible to try camel meat here. Or try Al Bandar, which specialises in fish. The Souq comes to life at night, as people promenade through the restaurant area.

Eating out in Doha might include a plate of traditional tagine
Moroccan food at Tajine, Doha Souq

As you walk around you will note a distinctive fragrance. Every restaurant has a plentiful supply of tall silver shisha pipes and it is common to see groups of local men smoking shisha and sipping coffee.

International Food In Doha

Because of the large number of guest workers in Doha, there are many Indian, Thai and other Asian food options. And the shopping malls include western style food chains. Other cuisines are also available.

Hotels, in particular, provide international food, and may also offer alcohol with your meal.

Tips For Eating Out In Doha

  • Restaurants are normally open throughout the day. However eating out in Doha becomes a bit trickier during the month of Ramadan when restaurants are closed during daylight hours. Some hotel restaurants may remain open and are the best choice at this time.
  • Other than in a few of the larger hotels, alcohol is not served. Note, however, that even hotels are not permitted to sell alcohol during Ramadan.


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