Photo Gallery: Ancient Tiryns, Greece

Looking through my pictures of Greece before setting off for Athens tomorrow, I found this one of Ancient Tiryns, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Peloponnese. Less visited than some other sites on the Peloponnese, Ancient Tiryns was a Bronze Age hill fort with a...

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The Portici of Monte Berico, Vicenza

I came across the portici of Monte Berico by chance. I've never seen them mentioned in any guidebook and there were no other tourists (or anyone else, for that matter) about. But this 700m covered arcade is a spectacular walk to the top of Monte Berico, just outside...

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Waterfalls of the Yorkshire Dales

One of the many pleasures of the Yorkshire Dales is the number and variety of waterfalls. Tall or small, fast flowing or gentle, there is a new cascade to discover around every corner.     Waterfalls of All Shapes and Sizes The unique geology of the Yorkshire Dales,...

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Walking Around the Walls of the Vatican City

It’s a familiar dilemma: you want to see some of the world’s most famous artworks but so do hundreds of other people. Do you wait patiently to go through security so that you can get into another queue before you finally get to join the jostling crowds inside? Or do...

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