It’s that time of year again, when you’re combing the shops and the Internet to find the right presents for your family and friends. I’ve tried to make it a little easier for you by rounding up some gift ideas for anyone who loves to travel, whether they are an active traveller or more of the armchair variety. And, who knows, you might even decide to treat yourself…

Enlgish Heritage Monopoly

The English Heritage Monopoly game features Stonehenge and other popular tourist destinations

Books and Gifts from Lonely Planet

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few new books to read, and the Lonely Planet shop is a great place to look for gifts (not least because they’ve got some special offers and discounts between now and Christmas). They are known for their destination guides and phrasebooks, but they also have a whole range of books about travel. Perfect for inspiration, whether you’re planning your next trip or just whiling away a winter afternoon. The Ultimate Travelist Colouring Book and the Round the World Quiz Book are ideal gifts for all ages, and any aspiring writer would love How to Be a Travel Writer. The one that has gone on my own Christmas list is You Only Live Once, a book that is designed to “reignite long-forgotten desires… or spark new and unexpected ambitions”.

Lonely Planet also has a range of travel-themed gifts, including diaries, notebooks and a travel journal. And look out for all sorts of discounts and special offers on the site between now and the New Year.

Gifts from the English Heritage Shop

English Heritage manages many historic properties throughout England, including Stonehenge. The shop (which ships worldwide) has a whole range of destination- or history-themed gifts, as well as a tempting range of food and drink. Good gifts for travellers include the Monopoly game featuring iconic English Heritage sites, or the Touring England map game. And there is a whole range of guidebooks and other books about historic sites in England.

A great gift for anyone living in England, is English Heritage membership, giving free access to more than 400 properties. Use discount code EH2017 for 15% off gift membership purchases.

Other Gifts for Travel Lovers

Language can often be a problem for travellers, especially if they are travelling to multiple countries on the same trip. One way round the issue is the Wordless Travel Book, a phrase book with pictures rather than the words. Just point to the relevant picture to let people know what you want! Travellers might also like a travel journal or a scratch map of the world to record where they’ve been (or where they want to go…)

I hope I’ve inspired you with a few ideas. Do you have anything to add to this list?

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