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Rune stone in Sigtuna, Sweden

Understanding Swedish Rune Stones

Wherever you go in southern Sweden you are likely to find runestones. These ancient Viking stones with their distinctive red patterns and cryptic markings seem to be everywhere. But what are Swedish rune stones, and where are the best places to see them? What Were Viking Runestones? Runestones were created

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Boat shaped grave at Gnisvärd, Gotland

The Ancient Burial Sites of Gotland

There are stones everywhere. Wherever you go in Gotland they are scattered on the beach and by the road, in fields and in forests. They must have provided plentiful building material for the ancient labyrinths around the coast. And, as I discovered, these stones were also used for a quite

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Gnisvärd, Gotland

Discovering the Fishing Stations of Gotland

I went to Gotland in search of its stone labyrinths and the medieval city of Visby. But, as so often happens, it was the unexpected that caught my attention. And I found two things that took me by surprise. The first was the old fishing stations that are dotted around

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Labyrinth at Frojel, Gotland

The Stone Labyrinths of Gotland

Over the past few years I’ve been exploring English turf mazes, and I recently visited the last on the list. So it was time to discover their predecessors, the stone labyrinths of Scandinavia. My destination was the Swedish island of Gotland, home to more than 40 stone labyrinths, both old

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Upper Terrace, Millesgården, Stockholm

Sea, Sky and Sculpture at Stockholm’s Millesgården

A garden high on a hill, overlooking the Stockholm harbour front. Designed by the artist who lived there and filled with sculptures, terraces and flower gardens. This is the Millesgården, a sculpture park on the island of Lidingö. Building the Millesgården TheyMillesgården was the home of Carl and Olga Milles,

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Stockholm forest road

Midsummer Adventures on a Stockholm Night Safari

Spotting wildlife isn’t always high on the agenda when you’re visiting a capital city. You might expect museums, restaurants and art. There may be elegant parks, but it is rare to find untamed nature. However Stockholm is different, as I discovered when I went on a Stockholm Night Safari. Discovering Nature on the

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