Book Review: Three Hours From by Lonely Planet

Places to visit from Tokyo
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When you take a city break, do you confine your exploration to the city itself, or do you grab the opportunity for a quick day trip to somewhere else? Personally, I always try to find the opportunity for a day out, particularly if it is a country I haven’t visited before, or if I am staying in a place that is full of tourists (my trip to Tarnów from Kraków met both of those criteria…) Three Hours From, a new title from Lonely Planet, is designed for those who like to explore more widely, to seek out the less obvious places.

Cover picture - Three Hours From
Three Hours From, by Lonely Planet. Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet © 2019

Broadening Your Horizons

Three Hours From takes 60 popular tourist destinations from around the world and lists places that you can get to for a day (or a weekend if you have a little more time). There are also tips on exploring each area – public transport tips in London or avoiding the traffic in Auckland (I know from personal experience that this can be tricky…)

Places to visit from Reykjavík
Day trips from Reykjavík. Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet © 2019

The aim of the book is to widen your horizons, whether you are a resident or a visitor. As the introduction says, “We hope to inspire you to look beyond the city limits for your next adventure”.

A Wide Range of Destinations

Each city has a map showing the places mentioned, and is divided into places you can reach within 1 hour, 2 hours or 3 hours. The trips are colour coded by category, eg food and drink, history or outdoors. And there are bonus sections: wide ranging lists on particular themes. So there are “The UK’s Most Fascinating Roman Sites” (I was surprised to find a couple I had never been to!). Or “Europe’s Finest Off-The-Beaten-Track Wineries” (lots of inspiration in this one).

Page showing the UK's most fascinating Roman sites
The UK’s most fascinating Roman sites. Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet © 2019

I was pleased to find some day tours I had done myself, such as the Villas of Tivoli from Rome, or Sharjah from Dubai. And there are some less obvious tourist destinations, like Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Some the trips require a car; others can be achieved by public transport – travel information is given. 

Who Is Three Hours From For?

Three Hours From is for anyone who wants to make the most of a city break in a new place by exploring a bit more of the country. Or for those who are city bound but want to do something a bit different at the weekend. 

Places to visit from Tokyo
Day trips from Tokyo. Reproduced with permission from Lonely Planet © 2019

Whenever I am planning a city break I always google “day trips from…” before I go. This book helps with some of that planning for the major destinations. But, of course, it is just a starting point. Hopefully will inspire you to seek out your own “3 hours from”, wherever you may find yourself.

Three Hours From is available in hardback and ebook formats.


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