Book Review: Explore Every Day By Lonely Planet

Explore every day by Lonely Planet
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Explore Every Day is a new title from Lonely Planet. Subtitled “365 daily prompts to refresh your life”, it includes a number of activities designed to kickstart your creativity by making the most of everyday life and experiences. Or, as it states in the introduction, it is a book to be treated as “a stand against the forces that hold us back from exploring our creativity, our adventurousness and our communities”.

Explore Every Day cover image

Expanding Your Horizons

Some of the activities in this book can be done at home; others require you to leave the house. Most can be done on your own; some require other people. And some will take you out of your comfort zone: intermediate steps may be offered.

Picture of a dining table on a desert island
Explore Every Day includes lots of easy to achieve challenges

The chances are that some of the prompts will be things that you are already doing. And there may be some actions that you choose not to take. I’m not sure that I will be following the suggestion to ride a horse or to “find a slide and slide down it” (although that does of course pose the question, “why not?”). On the other hand, there are lots of practical suggestions for anyone who wants to expand their horizons, ranging from attending free lectures to trying new foods.

Interactive Prompts

The book is interactive, with spaces to write about your experiences. Some of the prompts require you to draw a map or a picture, stimulating creativity by engaging the right side of the brain. This is at the core of the book’s philosophy, the idea that creative play adds to every area of your life.  

An environmental challeng from Explore Every Day
The book includes space for you to record your thoughts and experiences

Many of the activities are free or inexpensive, and most are not time-consuming. They can be squeezed into your daily routine: as the introduction says, “adding breaks to your daily life will help you become more productive”.

Explore Every Day is not a self-help manual, but an inspiration to try new things. In some ways it is a lighter version of Lonely Planet’s Everyday Adventures, which I previously reviewed. It would make a perfect small gift. Or a way to spark off those New Year’s resolutions – at any time of the year!

Explore Every Day, Lonely Planet, 2019, £9.99, 9781788686358

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Explore Every Day By Lonely Planet”

  1. This looks like fun – best new experiences to date?

    I’m pretty sure you did tick the slide one off as well

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