Best Things To Do In Kaş, Turkey

Chicken skewers

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Many tourists think about Istanbul or even Cappadocia when visiting Turkey. However today we’ll be talking about a lesser known place, not very far from Antalya. This city is called Kaş (which means “eyebrow” in Turkish) and it is located in the south of Turkey. Among the places on the Turquoise Coast, Kaş is outstanding, with its crystal-clear beaches, good restaurants and local cuisine, sea views and mountain hikes. Whenever you visit, there are many things to do in Kaş.

What To See And Do In Kaş

Kaş is a seaside town on the Mediterranean coast 190 km from Antalya. This beautiful town is a real little Turkish jewel, a seaside resort mostly visited by English tourists in winter and other European tourists throughout the year. A city that offers everything: a mild climate and different cultural and natural attractions.

Harbour with boats
The harbour at Kaş (photo © Ayoub CA)

Exploring The City

The present city of Kaş is built on the ruins of Ancient Antiphellos. This ancient city was the principal port of the Lycian Civilisation, and some ruins such as the Antiphellos Theatre are still visible on the west side of the town. Other ancient Lycian ruins can be discovered in the region, like the Ancient City of Patara, the Ruins of Letoon or those of Xanthos (although not all of them can be visited).

Ancient amphitheatre
The ancient amphitheatre of Kaş (photo © Ayoub CA)

Don’t miss Kaş Square, one of many public squares in the city. It’s a small area but perfect for grabbing a drink, spending an hour or two waiting for the sunset. The square tends to be more crowded by night than in the morning, and it’s a destination for both locals and tourists, especially in summer.

Natural Attractions Of Kaş

When it comes to nature, Kaş offers beautiful and diverse types of scenery. The hiking trails on the ancient Lycian Way are perfect for hikers and backpackers, a true experience full of adventure and natural beauty. The trails cross fields, historic sites and cliffs with multiple breathtaking views of the coast. The route through Kaş  takes 40 minutes, and gives a wonderful sunrise or sunset view all over the city.

Sunset over the water
Sunset along The Lycian Way in Kaş (photo © Sergio Garcia)

The Saklikent Gorge is also a place not to be missed in the Kaş region. The gorge canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the world. The impressive gorges also offer opportunities to sip a cup of Turkish tea, or to enjoy a local dish in one of many beautiful traditional restaurants by the river.

Shopping In The Streets Of Kaş

The streets may be small, but this makes it easy to explore, and you can spend the afternoons wandering the streets and shopping for local handcrafts. Or shop at the Tuğra Art Gallery, where you can get textiles, napkins, porcelain and many other beautiful souvenirs.

Pots of different colours
Hand made pottery in a Kaş souvenir shop (photo © Ayoub CA)

If your stay includes a Friday, don’t miss the Kaş Friday market, one of the best genuine local Turkish markets. Local farmers selling the best products come from the surrounding villages – be sure to taste the homemade cheese and the forest honey.


Paragliding is a very popular activity along the Turkish coast and paragliding in Kaş is something you can’t forget easily. This activity may not be for everyone, but it’s a must if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience. In order to enjoy paragliding in Kaş you’ll have to pick the right time of the year for your visit, and book in advance.

Practical Information

How To Get To Kaş

The city of Kaş is located 190 km from Antalya (which has an international airport), and around 66 km from Fethiye. This makes transport to Kaş very easy using public transport. Minibuses are also widely used to get to the city. You can also use transfer companies or car rental services (renting a car costs between US$20-US$25 a day). Once you arrive it is easy to wander around and explore the city.

Accommodation iIn Kaş

This city is very popular all year round. So you need to book early in order to get a room in one of the best hotels or guesthouses, especially if you’re looking for a room with a sea view or beachfront. During my last visit to Kaş I stayed two nights in Kale Kaş. This hotel serves delicious breakfasts in its garden, and has access to a swimming pool and superb sea views.

Hotel prices in the city vary from 100TL to 500TL per night (US$20 to US$100), depending on the spot and the type of accommodation. Hostels are widely available and you can book online or upon arrival. However some luxury hotels require prior booking and a confirmation two days before check-in.

During my stay in Kaş I tried one of my favorite hotel alternatives which was spending two nights on a hammock. I was trekking the Lycian Way with some friends, and we decided to spend some time in the coastal shrub forest near Kaş.

Eating Out In Kaş

Various choices are available in Kaş. Whether you choose Turkish or Greek restaurants, local or international cuisine, you’ll find the best dishes, affordable prices and a taste of Turkish culture on every plate. Some vegetarian restaurants in Kaş serve delicious food, even enjoyed by non-veggies.

Chicken skewers
Chicken skewers in a Kaş restaurant (photo © Ayoub CA)

Kaş is an international city without  being a mass tourist destination. As a result, the city’s restaurants also display more upmarket options. Cheap snacks are also in high demand; these are mainly Turkish specialties.

When To Visit Kaş

The climate in Kaş tends to be very hot in summer and windy and wet in winter, so the best seasons to visit Kaş will be autumn and spring (for both recreational and hiking visits).


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