The Art Deco Buildings Of Napier, New Zealand

Art Deco shops, Napier

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Every town in New Zealand seems to have its share of pastel-coloured early 20th century buildings. But the Art Deco buildings of Napier, on the North Island, are particularly noteworthy. Not just a few scattered buildings, but a whole town of Art Deco architecture.

After The Earthquake: Rebuilding Napier

The Art Deco story in Napier begins with a disaster. A massive earthquake on the morning of 3 February 1931 was followed by a series of fires, destroying the cathedral and most of the shops in the town centre. A major rebuilding programme had to be put into place immediately.

Plaque in Napier, New Zealand
A plaque commemorates the rebuilding of Napier after the 1931 earthquake

Information boards around the town tell the story of the earthquake and show what Napier looked like before the devastation. After so much destruction the people wanted to put the past behind them and to look to the future. So the architects tried to use the most fresh and modern styles for the reconstruction.

Napier architecture
Pinnable image of the Art Deco buildings of Napier

Napier: An Art Deco Town

Most of the new buildings were in the then fashionable Art Deco style, but classical and Spanish Mission designs were also employed. Features from elsewhere were incorporated and, as you might expect, there was frequent use of patterns from Maori art. You might be more surprised to spot Egyptian design features: interest in all things Egyptian was sparked off across the world after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922.

As a result the Napier architecture is remarkably homogeneous. And over the years attempts have been made to preserve the original style. So, for instance, shops with modern fronts still retain their Art Deco features on the upper storeys.

Six Sisters, Napier, New Zealand
The Six Sisters are among the very few pre-1931 buildings in the centre of Napier

You can still find one or two older buildings if you look hard enough. Conservation House (the former courthouse) is a colonial style structure dating from 1873. And the Six Sisters are a row of late Victorian houses on Marine Parade. These were supposedly the work of a builder who wanted a house for each of his six daughters!

Exploring The Art Deco Buildings Of Napier

The town was busy, full of vintage cars and people in period dress. I found out later it was the start of the Art Deco Festival, a celebration of the 1920s and 30s that takes place each year.

Daily Telegraph Building, Napier, New Zealand
The famous Daily Telegraph Building

I began my exploration at the Art Deco Centre, where I picked up a Self Guided Walk leaflet. Then I set off along the main shopping streets, a visual feast of geometric shapes and candy coloured pastels.  I walked slowly to take in all the details: the barley twist columns, the zigzags and the patterned glass.

ASB Bank, Napier, New Zealand
Maori influenced designs on the ceiling of the ASB Bank

Perhaps best known is the Daily Telegraph Building. This incorporates several elements of Art Deco style, with straight lines, ziggurats and classic light fittings in the foyer. The other “must see” building is the ASB Bank, where I stepped inside to admire the Maori influenced carvings and painted designs.

Later I stopped at the 1930s style bar of the Masonic Hotel. Outside the hotel festival-goers with big hats and colourful parasols were climbing out of their classic cars. It was as if this was a place where time had stood still.

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7 thoughts on “The Art Deco Buildings Of Napier, New Zealand”

  1. I love the Art Deco movement and architecture and it looks like New Zealand has given its own unique twist to the style! This country keeps coming up on our radar and we’ve been doing some reading about it in the last few months. Definitely on my bucket list and I’ll make sure to add picturesque Napier to places we want to see when we visit. Anita

  2. It was interesting to get this glimpse at Napier’s Art Deco architecture. This summer I toured the Art Deco district in Miami Beach’s South Beach. An earthquake (in 1926) is also the reason the area has a lot of that type of architecture. Our tour guide mentioned Napier, New Zealand as another city with a great collection of Art Deco. I hope I get to see it in person some day.

  3. Art deco is one of my favourite periods, it’s such a unique look and produced so many amazing looking buildings. The Maori influenced designs are intriguing. Makes me want to research and learn more.

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