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It’s the end of the year and I’ve been rounding up some of my favourite articles about Italy. We’ve got festivals, food, violins and more… I hope these posts will inspire you as much as they did me.

Leather masks in Venice
Leather crafted masks in a Venice workshop (picture by Noel Morata)
My first choice is Venice, the small details by Noel Morata of Travel Photo Discovery. Noel’s blog is always full of lovely photos but this post particularly caught my eye, as it focused on often overlooked aspects of the city.

Carnival in Sardinia
Masked riders at Oristano’s Sa Sartiglia (picture courtesy of Fondazione Sa Sartiglia)

February is time for carnival, and Angela Corrias of Chasing the Unexpected wrote about how carnival is celebrated in different parts of Italy in her post Carnival in Italy, colorful celebrations between fun and tradition. Here we have a picture of masked riders at the horse tournament (Sa Sartiglia) at Oristano in Sardinia.

Truffles in Ristorante Lampino, Acqualagna, Marche (picture by Agata Mleczko)

I was spoilt for choice when looking for articles about food but I loved this one by Agata Mleczko of NullnFull about the Truffle Hunt in Marche. Articles like this make me feel the need for some more Italian food soon!

Music in Venice
Music in the Church of San Vidal, Venice (picture by Music and Markets Tours)
Back to Venice, and Anne Woodyard of Music and Markets Tours writes about taking to the water before listening to Vivaldi in the Church of San Vidal – On & In the Water – Venice. A winning combination!
Oranges in Vico del Gargano
A happy orange! (Picture by Margherita Ragg)

The next post – by Margherita Ragg of The Crowded Planet – was very special for me because Margherita stayed at the Eco Pizzicato B&B; in Vico del Gargano where I had my blogging trip earlier in the year. The Lemons of Gargano describes a visit to some local lemon – and orange – groves.

Marriage of the Trees, Basilicata
Musicians march up the hill at the Marriage of the Trees Festival, Basilicata (picture by Beverley Reinemann)

I always like to discover things that are a bit unusual, so I was delighted to come across Visiting the Marriage of the Trees Festival, Basilicata by Beverley Reinemann of Pack Your Passport. The festival is about – wait for it – the marriage of two trees! Read Beverley’s post to find out more.

Pantheon, Rome
Rose petals cascade from the ceiling of Rome’s Pantheon (picture by Ashley Babin)
And another unusual one – Roses and the Pantheon by Ashley Babin of In Pursuit of Adventure describes the throwing of rose petals from the ceiling of the Pantheon in Rome. This happens each year at Pentecost and it looks quite spectacular.
Winery tour in Emilia Romagna
Lunch with an Italian winemaker in Emilia Romagna (picture by Amber Siobhaun Hoffman)
More food now, and Amber Siobhaun Hoffman of With Husband In Tow enjoyed Lunch with an Italian Winemaker at the Corte d’Aibo winery in Emilia Romagna. Local food, local wines and beautiful countryside – what more could you want?

Violins in Cremona
Violins at a workshop in Cremona (picture by Travels with Bender)

For something different when you are travelling, you might like to visit the birthplace of the modern violin in Cremona. Josh Bender of Travels with Bender visited the Violin Museum (where he saw a Stradivari violin with an estimated value of €5m) and a workshop where modern day violins are made. Read more about it here – This is What a €5 Million Violin Looks Like.

White wine in the South Tyrol
White wine from freshly harvested grapes in the South Tyrol (picture by Kristin Addis)
I’ve never been to the South Tyrol so I was interested to read this account of Törggelen: Italian Thanksgiving in South Tyrol by Kristin Addis of Be My Travel Muse. It sounds as if this corner of Italy has both Italian and German flavours – another place for the bucket list!
Painting of Bergamo by Miki de Goodaboom
Painting of Bergamo by Miki de Goodaboom

And finally, I’ll end the year with this lovely post by Kev Moore (on Lizzie Davey’s blog Wanderarti) featuring paintings of Bergamo by his partner Miki de Goodaboom. Have a look at An Illustrated Introduction to Beautiful Bergamo for some more of Miki’s pictures.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts as much as I have. A very happy New Year to all my readers and I’ll be back soon with more about Italy.

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