The Gorge of Ponte Alto and its Man-Made Waterfalls

The Gorge of Ponte Alto, near Trento in the far north of Italy, has been a tourist attraction since the 1800s. It is easy to see why: two tall waterfalls cascading noisily through a narrow ravine. The view is spectacular, but it is not entirely a natural phenomenon....

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Where to Find the Romans in Sofia, Bulgaria

I was aware that Bulgaria was once part of the Roman Empire, and that there were impressive Roman remains in some parts of the country. However I hadn’t expected to find much in Sofia, the capital city. So I was surprised at how much evidence there was of the Romans...

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Book Review: Experience Spain from Lonely Planet

Last year I posted a review of Experience Italy, a Lonely Planet guide that explored the country and its culture in depth. Now the second book in the series – Experience Spain – has been published. Again, this is much more than a conventional guidebook; it is a feast...

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