Camel Racing in the UAE

Camels seem to be a bit of an obsession in many of the Gulf States. So much so, that a teacher told me that, when he asked his students what they most prized, they all said 'camels'. They were quite definite that they favoured camels even above their cars (women, of...

Abu Dhabi’s Desert Hinterland

Yesterday we took our hire car and drove through the desert. I say desert, but actually the first part of the journey was on a not particularly interesting motorway between Abu Dhabi and Tarif, with what seemed like never ending construction and industrialisation for...

A Trip to Al Ain

A Trip to Al Ain

It was in Al Ain that we had lunch in a little back street cafe, whose other customers were all Arabic men.  Most of them were playing cards or backgammon and smoking shish, and were quite happy when I asked if I could take their photograph. With a bit of sign...

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