A Magical Ride on Dublin’s Storytelling Bus

“Leprechauns can be tricky,” says Dylan as he bounces up the stairs of the Storytelling Bus. “You just need to be careful. There might even be some with us now...” A minute ago I was standing on a crowded street in the centre of Dublin, but now I had entered another...

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The Walls of Londonderry

I always like walled cities. There’s something about walking right round a town, peering over the walls into little back streets, that gives me a sense of connection with all the people that have gone that way before. Sentries keeping a lookout for unwanted visitors,...

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Ancient Sites of Inishowen

Even the name is enough to conjure up a sense of ancient legends and history half-forgotten in the mists of time. Inishowen - the peninsula at the northern end of County Donegal - is home to some of the earliest religious remains in the British Isles as well as a much...

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The Legend of Finn McCool

Ireland is a land of myths and legends, and nowhere more so than the mysterious Giant’s Causeway. 40,000 tall basalt columns, formed in perfect interlocking hexagonals. Surely this couldn’t be the work of nature, there must be some other explanation. Only a giant...

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The Ghosts of Dunluce Castle

Standing alone on the edge of a tall rock, steep drops down to the sea on every side, and only connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge, Dunluce Castle has always been shrouded in mystery. Used as a fort ever since the Vikings sailed to the north coast of Ireland,...

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