Ingleton Falls

Here are some pictures of the Ingleton Falls in North Yorkshire. A quite spectacular series of falls, swollen obviously by the recent rain. The water is very clear, with some strange colours from the Pennine...

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Bukit Timah: Singapore’s Last Rain Forest

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is Singapore’s last patch of primary rain forest. When it was first accessed by British colonialists in 1827 it took them many hours to hack and climb their way through miles of jungle and swamp to the modest 163m summit of Bukit Timah Hill,...

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Eco-City in the Desert: a Visit to Masdar, UAE

You might not expect to find an eco-city in the middle of the desert but Masdar, just 11 miles from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, is just that. In fact, the contrast between endless miles of sand and the gleaming high-tech city is just one of many seeming...

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On the trail of the Brontes at Haworth

Despite having lived in Yorkshire for 30 years, I'd never been to Haworth before. With the prospect of a sunny weekend ahead we decided to go and take a look at the Parsonage and possibly to get some walking in as well. What we didn't realise until we got there was...

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Camel Racing in the UAE

Camels seem to be a bit of an obsession in many of the Gulf States. So much so, that a teacher told me that, when he asked his students what they most prized, they all said 'camels'. They were quite definite that they favoured camels even above their cars (women, of...

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