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If you travel around the English countryside at this time of year you will notice lots of signs for scarecrow festivals. Scarecrows have mostly been made redundant from their traditional role of frightening birds from crops but have found a new lease of life in these festivals, where villagers exercise their creativity to create scarecrows that are traditional, amusing or just plain weird.
These pictures were taken at the Ellerker Scarecrow Festival in East Yorkshire. And, of course, because this is an English village the event also featured a whole host of other activities including a fair on the village green and duck racing in the stream.
Scarecrow at Ellerker Scarecrow Festival

This thirsty scarecrow is sitting outside a village pub. In fact, this pub closed many years ago and is now a private house, but that doesn’t seem to be spoiling his pleasure!

Scarecrows at Ellerker Scarecrow Festival
These scarecrows seem to be hard at work…
Scarecrow at Ellerker Scarecrow Festival

…and this one is ready for a beauty pageant.

Scarecrow at Ellerker Scarecrow Festival
What could be more English than Sherlock Holmes examining a footprint on the floor in search of clues?
Scarecrow at Ellerker Scarecrow Festival
But what is a French onion seller doing here?
Scarecrow at Ellerker Scarecrow Festival

Yorkshire is all geared up for the Tour de France coming soon, but this cyclist seems to be aiming for the Tour of Yorkshire.

And naturally there is a place for political protests!

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